Financial Modelling

Business partnerships | Budgeting | Driving revenue

We work on every aspect of financial management, from identifying business partners and developing operating budgets, to driving revenue through strong student enrolment and setting tuition fees.

We work with our clients on feasibility studies, capital expenditure, operating budgets and revenue models. Our experience in zoning regulations, greenfield sites, and redevelopment of existing properties, as well as forecasting sales revenue allows our clients to make well-informed decisions on education investments.

The education sector in Asia is a competitive and rapidly changing market. We work with clients to identify the opportunities and business models to suit their needs.

Our experts plan, design and adapt new and existing campuses to meet the regulatory, financial and educational requirements of our clients.

Attracting and retaining students is critical to the success of any school. We work with marketing and admissions staff to develop and implement strategies that work.

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