We take a great deal of care and pride in helping our families make the right choices for their child. Every student has different needs, so our ability to listen and respond, with empathy and expertise, is at the heart of what we do.

Some families seek our guidance on the right questions to ask when selecting a school or university; while others want us to take over the time, stress and cost of contacting multiple schools, and oversee the full process. Whatever your needs, we’d be delighted to show you how we can help.


We have the knowledge, experience and networks to help you select and secure a place at the best school for your child, whether it's Hong Kong, the UK or North America.


We offer practical guidance on shortlisting the right universities, colleges and courses, and can advise on 2018 applications in Hong Kong, the UK and North America.


Our Oxbridge Advisor, David Hargreaves, is a leading authority in his field. He recommends that potential candidates begin their Oxbridge prep from 15 years old.

International Schools Advice

With more than 5,000 private schools in the UK, Europe and North America, finding the right academic and pastoral environment for your child can feel like a daunting task. With our extensive network and understanding of elite schools around the world, and our track record of success, we work closely with you to help identify the right school and guide you through the admissions and settling in process.

It is important to note that our advice to families is completely independent and based solely on the well-being of their child. We are not affiliated with any individual schools, so our advice and recommendations are based solely on the best interest of the student and family, not any amount of commission paid by a specific school.

Researching the best school options, and providing the practical support needed to secure offers at the school of your choice is a multi-stage process. We offer flexibility to parents who may prefer to select some, rather than all, of the services. The information below is provided to give an overview of fees. A confirmed quotation will be provided before services commence.


1.  Confidential questionnaire and follow-up consultation to discuss the needs of the family. We will also request school reports and any other relevant documents prior to this consultation.

2.  We then compile a report with a shortlist of schools, based on the student’s academic priorities and pastoral needs. We will contact schools prior to the shortlist to evaluate the availability of places and the admissions process.

3.  Following feedback from the parents on the shortlisted schools, we will arrange visits and advise on the admissions criteria, including organising entrance exams and interviews in Hong Kong or the country where you are planning to study.

4.  We liaise with the school(s) chosen by the family to officially accept an offer of place and complete enrolment documents.

5.  We prepare the student and the family for their move overseas, including organising student visas, guardianship arrangements, and guidance on buying uniform and other supplies.

Preparing for College or University 

Securing a place in the best universities is a highly competitive undertaking. Critical to success is knowing how to choose the right course and college to suit your needs, and knowing how best to present your application and supporting documents. Our network of academics at leading colleges and universities, along with our tutors, who have been through the same process in recent years, means that we have direct access to help you and your child.


1.  Confidential advice on the best courses and universities for our child’s interests and abilities.

2.  Arranging visits to short-listed universities.

3.  Support in preparing the student’s college and university applications.

4.  Support in writing a compelling Personal Statement (please note that we do not write Personal Statements; we support the student in preparing their own PS)

5.  Guidance in accepting offers; applying for a deferral if a student wishes to take a gap year.

6.  Advice on Gap Year activities that will add to a student’s experience and attractiveness to a university admissions team.

7.  Preparing for starting at University. How to ensure that you get the best from your university experience from Day 1.

Specialist advice for elite university candidates

Securing a place at one of the top universities in the UK or North America requires advance planning. Elite universities look for more more than straight A* and 40+ IB grades. There are also different entrance exams and deadlines to consider. If you feel that your child is a suitable candidate, please contact us today for a free consultation. We work with Mr David Hargreaves, one of the most respected advisors on elite education. Mr Hargreaves brings decades of experience in offering independent expertise and counsel to families interested in the top universities.