What is online tutoring?

The movement of tutoring from table to tablet has been an inevitable by-product of the new digital age. Thanks to the synaptic speeds of modern internet, we have found ways to speak, teach and learn through increasingly convenient means. At Tute HK, tutors conduct lessons over a video call on our online platform. All students require for a lesson is a microphone, webcam and the willingness to learn. Tute HK has a wealth of online resources for students to benefit from such as past papers and subject-specific power-points. The tutor is able to explain concepts to their student via the microphone and by uploading text and images to an interactive whiteboard which the student is then able to download and save.

Why is online tutoring preferable to more traditional methods?

Expertise: Online tutoring enables your children to receive optimum academic support no matter where you are in the world. Our bank of talented tutors at Tute.HK is primarily made up of university students, both undergraduate and postgraduate. Many of our tutors attend top UK universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, Durham and UCL. This enables students to access the skills and expertise earned by our tutors at these excellent institutions, all from the comfort of home.

Practicality: Online tutoring also has several practical advantages; tutoring via the internet eliminates expense costs (such as travel) incurred by face-to-face tutoring, and can take place any time, any place at the convenience of tutor and student. Online tutoring is therefore incredibly time efficient, as tutors are able to squeeze in an hour’s tutoring before their morning lecture, while their pupil may wish to take their lesson right after school. In this way, the time difference between the UK and Hong Kong is often surprisingly favourable to the respective lifestyles of UK-based tutors and HK-based students. Our advanced online platform facilitates overseas communication between students and tutors at no extra cost.

Wider learning: The online platform is not only the hub of individual lessons, but also of live webinars run by academics and wider learning programmes which expose students to a wide range of extra-curricular subjects. Students are even able to playback their online lessons at a later date, enabling them to utilise their past sessions for revision purposes. The appeal of online tutoring lies in the incorporation of the individual student focus retained from traditional forms of tutoring, with revolutionary new technology to enhance and broaden the learning experience.

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written by Anna Shepherd