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Hello and welcome to the Tute.HK blog!


This is a collection of thoughts and ideas on education today – online and face to face, traditional and avant garde, public and private – and how it is changing around the world.


At Tute Hong Kong, this is what drives us. As theories of education and new technologies develop, we continue to learn new ideas and methods relating to studying, with online learning becoming more and more influential. The potential here is unlimited, and this discourse has stimulated change in schools and universities and the spread of high quality education to as many people as possible.


Without a doubt, education is the single most important factor in reducing poverty and inequality. Not only will education provide people with the necessary skills to provide for their family, but a broad education makes students aware of global issues; provides  multiple perspectives and allows them greater opportunities on a larger stage.  It is a crucial part of ‘sustainable development’ and ‘global vision’, social equality and prosperity.


It is a privilege and a responsibility to be involved in this dynamic and vital sector.


Needless to say, education is a topic that is rarely out of the news. Each day brings updates of government changes to school bodies, publications of scientific studies into how the brain learns, head teachers discussing their students’ progress, and other education issue.


This blog will follow current trends and new insights in the hope of  prompting interesting discourse on learning, and we will delve deeper into topics that are of particular interest to our pupils, parents and tutors.


As an online company, technology is one of our core attributes. Working from both London and Hong Kong, internationalism and global perspectives are also critical to our work and direction. Inevitably, a large proportion of our posts will fall into one of the broad themes of education, technology and social learning.


We publish posts weekly on, a variety of subjects relating to education and will include posts from experts in the field. Please feel free to comment – we welcome all discussion!


Happy reading!